Librarian Publication


A.)Journal Articles

  1. Kumbhar, B.N., (2015). Digital Library Models International Multidisciplinary Journal .Special Issue Page No24-33ISSN: 2277-4262..
  2. Kumbhar, B.N., (2015). Dspace and Greenstone Comparative Study  Golden Research Thoughts Special Issue Page No13-16 ISSN: 2231-5063
  3. Kumbhar, B.N., (2015). SOUL and LMS Comparative StudyCTBC’S International Research Journal No.2 Issue No.1 Page No.37-42 ISSN: 2350-0905.

B) Conference Proceedings

  1. Kumbhar, B.N., (2015).Preservation Metadata- Implementation Strategies REMIS . Impact of Information Technology on College Libraries (IITCL-2015) (pp120-123) Parner. ISBN: 978-81-926129-6-7
  2. Kumbhar, B.N., (2015).  (DOI) Digital Object Identifier and Persistent  Uniform Resource Locator (PURL) . Challenges of Academic Libraries in Digital Environment  (pp43-49)  ISBN: 978-93-5212-604-0
  3. Kumbhar, B.N., (2015). Role of Digital Library in Education and Research. Recent Trends in Information Technology (RTIT-2015) (pp119-122) Karat. ISBN: 978-93-82995-18-0.
  4. Kumbhar, B.N., (2015). E-Book Readers Kindle, Sony and Nook: A Comparative Stud.E-BOOK READERS KINDLE SONY AND NOOK A COMPARATIVE STUDY (1) Emerging Technologies and Future Libraries: Issues and Challenges (pp151-157) Gulbarga. E-ISBN 978-93-5130-657-3 (E-book)
  5. Kumbhar, B.N., (2014). Total Quality Management in Library ; An Overview. Libraries from Palm Leaf to Palm Tips (pp287-288) Pusad. ISBN: 978-923727-0-9.
  6. Kumbhar, B.N., (2014). SLIM21 and KOHA A Comparative Study . Four Days National Level Workshop on Library Computerization : Process, Methods and Systems using MKCL’S Pune (pp38-45) Vashi Navi Mumbai. ISBN: 978-93-5196-575-6.
  1. Kumbhar, B.N., Kumbhar, M. B.,Khardikar, A. V. (2014). Software Selection for Library Automation  . Proceedings of National Seminar on Qualitative Information Services in Academic Library (pp.206-209) Kolhapur. ISBN: 978-81-924518-6-2.
  2. Kumbhar, B.N., Kumbhar, M. B., (2014). Harvesters and Federated Search Engines. Proceedings of National Seminar on Qualitative Information Services in Academic Library (pp.90-94) Kolhapur. ISBN: 978-81-924518-6-2.
  3. Kumbhar, B.N., (2014). Digital Library Architecture an Overview . Proceedings of Two days UGC Sponsored National Seminar on Evolving Library as a Learning Resource Centre: New Horizons (pp.106-112 Panvel. ISBN978-93-83342-04-4.
  4. Kumbhar, B.N., (2014). Open Access Initiatives in India Changing Trends in Academic Libraries & Librarianship in Digital Environment (pp.94-96) Kolhapur. ISBN: 978-81-8486-523-3.
  5. Kumbhar, B.N., (2013). Open Access Iniatiatives has Bridged Gap Between Information rich and Information poor. Proceedings on National Conference “Emerging Trends In academic Library” (pp.282-285) Jargon. ISBN: 978-93-82414-40-7.
  6. Kumbhar, B.N., (2013). Digital Resources: The Knowledge of Ocean Changing Paradigm of Academic Libraries in the E- Environment (pp290-213) Ulhasnagar. ISBN: 978-81922534-1-1.
  7. Kumbhar, B.N., (2012). Digital Library Iniatiatives in India. Redesigning Libraries and Information Centers in Digital Era (pp.53-58) Degloor. ISBN: 978-93-5104-068-2.
  8. Kumbhar, B.N., (2012). Digital Preservation A Challenge: Proceedings of National Conference on Usage of E-resources (pp.376-381) Mumbai. ISBN: 978-81-910922-6-4.
  9. Kumbhar, B.N., (2012). Digital Object IdentifierDigital Object Identifier: its Significance to Libraries. Building of E-Resources and E-Services in Academic Libraries (BERESAL-2012) (pp.120-123) Nanded. ISBN: 978-93-80745-45-9.
  10. Kumbhar, B.N., (2012). Copyright Issues in Digital Environment. Open Access Movement in the Age of Innovation & ICT (pp.161-169) Mumbai. ISBN: 978-93-5051-722-2.
  11. Kumbhar, B.N., (2011) .OpenURL: it’s Usefulness in Providing Access to Library Resources.Open  Beyond Librarianship: Creativity, Innovation and Discovery (pp.113-118) Mumbai. ISBN978-93-5050-007-1
  12. Kumbhar, B.N., (2011). S R Ranganathan’s Five Laws in the Context of Digital Libraries (1). Impact of Information Technology on College Libraries (pp.19-23) Jalgaon. ISBN: 978-9381546-21-5.
  13. Kumbhar, B.N., (2011). Selection & Acquisition of Digital Resources. National Conference on Collection Development of Resources in Electronic Environment. (Pp.48-53) Mumbai. ISBN: 978-81-921130-0-5




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