Book Bank Scheme


This book bank scheme is run for the science Students.  4-6 books regarding syllabus are issued to students for the whole Semester and taken back after the end semester examination is over

Rules for Book Bank

  1. The Book will be given to the students of all the categories on the basis of the
  2. Depending upon the availability of the sets of books the priority will be given to the students whose parent’s income is lower.
  3. All students who are availing the facility must ensure returning the entire set of books provided to them within two days of completion of their final examination in the concerned Semester.
  4. If any student availing the facility loses the book / damages the book / disfigures the book, he / she shall replace the Volume(s) with new book (or pay the current cost of the book plus fine, if any, as may be directed by authority).
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